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Employing a range of methods and mediums to celebrate a range of themes and subjects, Mark Rein’s diverse works harmonise high impact, evocative colour compositions with thoughtful, methodical cultural manifestations. Alternating between a constrained approach and free-forming execution, he pairs diligent and definite brushwork with playful, spirited paintwork, frequently produced by hand-to-paint contact. 
His use of thick layers and vibrant colours lend a sense of movement and energy to his compositions, while also focusing on exploring the relationship between nature and the built environment, and the ways in which these two seemingly disparate worlds intersect and influence one another.

"Describing my work as semi-abstract, I aim to capture the essence of a subject, while also exploring the boundaries between realism and abstraction. I use vibrant colors, bold brushstrokes, and organic forms to create dynamic compositions that are both imaginative and spontaneous. My art blends representational elements with abstract ones, resulting in pieces that are both recognisable and abstract, inviting the viewer to engage with the work in their own way."

  • August 2021 Semi-finalist, The Artist Lounge UK "Artist of the Year" exhibition

  • August 2021 Silver award, Camelback gallery "Road Trip" photography contest

  • July 2021 Bronze award, Camelback gallery "Paint my pet" contest, Traditional category

  • August 2021 finalist, fusion art 5th Annual "Skies" contest, Traditional category

  • May 2021 Bronze award, Camelback gallery, "Land and Sea" contest, Digital painting category

  • Feb 2021 Honorable Mention, fusionart, "5th Annual Black & White” contest, Traditional category

  • Dec 2020 4th place, fusionart “6th Annual Colorful Abstractions” Art Exhibition, Photography category

  • Dec 2020 9th place (Top 15 artists) Light,Space&Time “Nature” themed art exhibition, Digital and Photo category 

  • Dec 2020 Special Recognition, Light,Space&Time “Nature” themed art exhibition, Digital and Photo category

  • Nov 2020 3rd place, fusionart “6th Annual Leaves & Petals” Art Exhibition, Digital and Photo category

  • Nov 2020 finalist in same contest with different artwork

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