Employing a range of methods and mediums to celebrate Australia’s most iconic imagery and symbology, Mark Rein’s diverse works harmonise high impact, evocative colour compositions with thoughtful, methodical cultural manifestations. Alternating between a constrained approach and free-forming execution, he pairs diligent and definite brushwork with playful, spirited paintwork, frequently produced by hand-to-paint contact. These variations in the creation process produce idiosyncratic expressions and fluctuating scopes of texture, movement and contrast. His creative ingenuity and artistic interpretation tell a tale that describe our present social climate, whilst providing a perception into how we’ve reached our current state. 


Initially sparked by a desire to test his capacity to portray the dynamism of Sydney’s skyline within the confines of minimalism, Mark’s Silhouette series encapsulates Australia’s capital cities in highly representative and conceptualised delineations. Utilising a minute colour palette, the city’s state colours are brushed against a theatrical flat black, inaugurating characterisation and dramatization. Conscientiously constructed line work portrays the architectural contours of the city’s scape, spotlighting its fundamental uniqueness and singularity, without the distraction of overt details. Segments are intermittently infused with careful colour selections, capturing what is quintessential to the metropolis. These compelling and unparalleled depictions reverberate the indelible and distinguishable attributes of Australia’s landmark urban locations.