A Sydney resident but growing up in Melbourne, my love of art was fuelled from an early age by my parents and grand-parents, who all shared a love of painting and drawing. Never one to sit still and do nothing, I usually had a pencil or marker in my hand.


I love to express myself through handwork, (what I call ‘finger paintings’); original artwork created using my hands and fingers, directly onto canvas. These are unrestrained, free-flowing works usually beginning with an under-painting of random shades over which the main subject is painted. I love the freedom that not using a brush gives, allowing me to make contact with paint directly.

Conversely, other works are more restrained and controlled. My Silhouette series can contain a minimal colour palette, usually created with brushes and are less random than my handworks.


Even though I largely produce work in the 'finger painting' style I don't limit myself to this one method. I don't have a preference of style.

"I paint what I feel in the way that I feel it."


Having only recently re-entered the art scene after years in other work, I am excited to reconnect with art. I have entered work in several online art exhibitions and have had work published in The Artist Lounge, a UK art magazine.